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Book To Cook

These are Raw meat products delivered in cold/chilled state at your doorstep.  They are procured from the best institutional farmers who are FSSAI/HACCP certified and we conduct random lab tests on each batch of chicken for the presence of antibiotics or other growth promoters. We also keep a close tab on all the products to ensure that the final meat is free of antibiotics before it reaches your doorstep. Our constant endeavour is to provide chemical-free, unadulterated raw products to our consumers. We go directly to the farmers or fisheries without any middlemen in between and buy fresh meat products straight from the source. Further, we follow modern transportation and packaging processes from source till your doorstep to avoid any sort of contamination. We sell all our products in net weight format and believe it keeping it simple rather than confusing for our customers on gross weight, wastage, cleaning, scaling etc. For Bulk Buying rates, suggestions please email us on

You Book We Cook

This our Heat and Eat food section. We understand there are some days in a month when you are not in a mood to cook and would like to try out different recipes and flavours at the comfort of sitting in your home. To address this space, we have introduced extremely pocket friendly innovative solution.  We are introducing online Food Buy KG as a concept. Each dish is freshly prepared with 500 Gms of Bone or Boneless meat in mouth-watering curries and spices by our specialised Indian and Mughlai Chefs. The net weight of the dish will be 1KG or as mentioned in the product description that you see at the time of buying. They are made daily and delivered in Cold to Room Temperature state in micro safe boxes at your door place. All you need to do is to reheat in Microwave or convert in your house utensils and heat over gas. Sometimes extra oil can be seen on top of the box as it tends to float after the dish gets cold from the time we cook and deliver. We assure you only required quantity of oil is used in all our Indian preparations.  You can simply remove it with ladle or give a good mix to the whole dish as you like while reheating. Each dish is usually sufficient for a family of 4 people and can be easily stored in refrigerator upto 2 days in home utensils. No added colours or preservatives are added to the dish. We also have Veg Items available on request currently not published. These are prepared with utmost care for your vegetarian family members or guests. Please email us to get the menu on

Ready to Eat Delights

These are semi prepared or semi cooked food items and can be prepared in no time. All the items are freshly made on daily basis and delivered to your doorstep. These delights have a shelf life of maximum 2 days in refrigeration. You can add your own spices and chilly in the mix before cooking. Different items can be prepared with different cooking styles as per your convenience. 

Different Styles that are suggested in product descriptions: –

Ready to Grill or Sauté – To be cooked in Pan, Grill or air fryer, not recommended to Microwave

Frying Pan (Recommended)

Preheat over a non-stick pan with a teaspoon of oil or desi ghee over a low/medium flame. Cook the delight on the pan by turning till surface colour is slightly brown. You can also put a burnt piece of charcoal in a steel bowl in the pan and cover with the lid to give charcoal flavour. 

Oven (OTG) (Recommended)

Preheat the oven to 160 Degree Centigrade. Keep the delights on the baking tray and place it in the oven. Flip the sides of the items after 3 – 4 minutes till the surface colour is turned slightly golden brown

Microwave (Not Recommended)

Do not use the mode in normal cook mode as it may dry the product. This is not a recommended mode for cooking and best taste but can be used when in hurry.

Ready to Steam or Deep Fry

Heat oil in a frying pan or Kadhai. Lower the flame and shallow fry until the surface colour is turned slightly golden brown. Alternatively, you can also use a steamer to steam the delight until it is completely cooked.

Ready to Deep Fry

Heat oil in a frying pan or Kadhai. Lower the flame and shallow fry until the surface colour is turned slightly golden brown.

Ready to Serve

These delights are fully processed and can be eaten as it is. You can also do a quick sauté in very little oil and add herbs to your taste.

No Curry No Worry

Fresh Indian Gravies

Our 100% Vegetarian Fresh Gravies can be refrigerated until 5 days or frozen for further use in small airtight containers or Ziploc pouches for 15 days or more. They are 100% Hygienic with no added Colours, Preservatives, Curd, Butter or Fresh Cream. They are handy, super easy and help in preparing quick healthy Dishes at home. Perfect to have for those busy or tiring days!

Just thaw the gravies, add little oil in your frying pan, add ginger garlic paste and roast for a while. Then add the base gravy as per the desired quantity. Simmer the base gravy, followed by other gravies in proportion as per the dish recipe, Add common spices like Garam Masala, Coriander Powder, Turmeric and Red Chili powder. You can now add boiled vegetables, Paneer or choice of meat & then add salt to taste. You will have the most delicious home cooked food without getting tired. Pre-Book Now!

Dum Biryani

Do try our flavourful Dum Biryanis made to perfection by our Head chef. These biryanis are sold buy KG simmered over low flame and cooked with steam to get the perfect taste that swirls for a long time in your mouth. We have a selected range of options in Chicken, Mutton, Vegetable Biryanis. You also have an option to add Spicy Korma Gravy or choice of Raita or earthen ware packaging to go along with it. Our Kebabs from Ready to eat delight section go very well as a whole meal.

Exotic Meats

Limited choice to start with however, we intend to make this section more and more attractive as we move forward. This section is specially designed for our meat connoisseurs.  We understand you have the knowledge and the taste to appreciate the various Indian and International delicacies. Our team is currently working on it and will endeavour to provide the best in line products at your doorstep. Do email us on so that we can continuously improve our offerings and services.

Pet Parents

We understand the care and love you give to your pets and take care of their nutrition requirements just like all of us do for our children. This is a small effort to share and appreciate that effort you make to give a better and healthy life to your loved ones. We have started with a limited choice and would like to add more options in raw and cooked section as we go forward. Do email us on so that we can continuously improve our offerings and services.